Vroom: The story of a Lexus hood and an EX-1

There comes a time in any film student’s days when one does something stupid.

That being said, I’m finishing a graduate film degree, so I have to do stupid things smartly!

The stupid:
Putting a car-mount on a car during short film managed by students.
Letting the actors drive the car (though they were competent, and safety-aware).
Mixing the car scenes from the back seat.
Letting the production use my car.

The smart:
Making sure I was working with smart, safety-aware people.
Staying on empty residential streets.
Over-engineering the hell out of the thing.
My car had over 200,000 miles on it at that point.

So, the problem was: How to mount and EX-1 to the hood of a car.

The answer:
A Woods Powr-Grip 9 inch suction cup (Ebay, I admit), Some stout planks cut and attached to the cup, a set of babylegs, and enough webbing to lift the car off the ground:

Prep/Positioning (I’m holding the camera) Before rolling

I like to think that I did stupid in a smart way. It was over-engineered and strapped to the frame of the car. The mount could hold a Genesis on the freeway, risking only high-vibration due to a single-point rig, and the risk of an imploded hood due to weight. But it wouldn’t fall off.

UPDATE (July 2009): It worked! (link to video)

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