Dateline: Austin Texas:

Doug’s great freelance hunt of 2009 begins. It is pretty simple, really. I’m in a new town, I like (and excel at) all things audio, I have a decent amount of professional experience in various capacities in the film industry, and a stack of decent credits (for someone my age) in various audio disciplines. With an unstable economy, job prospects are somewhat precarious, so I will do what I’ve always done: The best I can at whatever someone wants to pay me to do. Within reason. I’m in Austin for a year while my better half finishes her degree, then it’s on to places unknown.

In other news, Schoeps has a wonderfully succinct explanation of a double M/S setup that I will have to try at some point. It involves using two cardioid mics and a figure-8 mic to create 5 channels for surround recording. Check it out.

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