Summer Lovin’

The summer finishes. Spurts of busy followed by utter droughts of work…But that is life.

A side benefit: The drought has allowed me to start drafting patterns for a few sewn items that should make life easier for recordists, or at least for me. I’m prototyping in my spare time. 1000d Cordura®, Keprotec®, nice ripstop nylons and marine-grade notions are what I’m working with. If there is interest, I might offer some items for sale, and they would last a lifetime.

2 Responses to “Summer Lovin’”

  • Kathleen says:

    Hi D, found you on Evolving Excellence. Your comment on Bill’s post caught my eye because I’m the designated (heh) lean blogger in sewn product manufacturing.

    I’m just curious what kind of CAD system you have, plotter, work room infrastructure etc. There’s a lot of demand for production work in Austin, more in apparel than sewn products but still, people would go to you from where ever -if it worked out. I have a guy in Denver who does a lot of technical products, he stays busy but there’s never enough people to whom I can make referrals.

    Other than my site, there are some technical sewing sites for gear, comes to mind. Anyway, just dropped in to say hi.

  • New York receptionist says: