The Carolinas: H20 is a difficult thing.

I was recently in South Carolina doing sound for a shoot. It was a typical doc project: Boom/Mix to camera, except it was 95 degrees (Fahrenheit), 95% humidity 95% of the time.

The Neumann KMR 81i to SD 302 was in interesting combination. It took as much as 10-15 seconds after power-up for the mic to pass signal sometimes. This persisted after battery changes, switching channels, etc. I might venture to guess that the -81i isn’t fond of humidity. I will have to do some reading about small diaphragm design and explore this issue a little.

After developing a profound dislike for the Sanken CS-1, I’m loath to give the CS-3 a chance, despite its claims for high humidity tolerance. I guess I will though.

Even more important than the equipment is the operator, and I did not stay as hydrated as I should have. It was hot and humid. I’m used to dry heat, but wet heat is another ballgame. Shame on me…It sapped my energy. So drink water! And judge not the high-end products of companies based on experience with their low-end crap…

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