My new PA!

I bought some ridiculously expensive telemetry equipment in 2005. 1″ data tape transports, massive 5U cases for processing blades…Expensive enough that it was worth more than a house.

At least, that’s what the decommissioning paperwork said it cost new. It was worth nothing when I got it.

I bid and paid $80 on a government property liquidation website…Not because I wanted the equipment, but because I wanted the cases the equipment was in. 5 top-quality anvil cases, and one torn up one for a mere $80. I couldn’t pass them up. After a long time trying to find someone, anyone who wanted or needed the equipment, I finally ended up scrapping it.

I re-lined the cases with speaker carpet, and have been using them.

…I seemed to have ended up with my very own PA:

My new PA...Guarding case 1 of 5.

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