The walled garden of licensing

Unless you have 6 figures to spend, very few media mega-conglomerates are willing (able?) to respond quickly to requests for licensing…Even if the requests are for educational purposes that millions will see…Millions, who, as they experience a more immersive museum exhibit (for instance), and engage in a culturally meaningful experience, will tend to value and consume more of the very back-catalogs I’m trying to license.

It’s a win-win, in it’s own small way. But I’m a small fish in a sea of whales, so I persevere until I break through. I don’t begrudge the licensing departments: They are under-staffed for what they have to do, and must prioritize high-value and internal clients.

A June deadline looms, but it will all get finished in time. 5 assets are cleared, and one remains.

Sometime, when this is wrapped, I will have to explain the details of administering an MFN deal. This time, there was the added complexity of a domestic/international split of one asset. Neat stuff.

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