Buy quality, buy once…Or adventures in overkill.

I recently made the mistake of buying a replacement suction cup for my GPS unit. The first one broke when the suction cup rubber detached from the rest of the device. The second one promptly broke as well. In the same spot.

I don’t like wasting money or time. This wasted money, and time:

I broke two of these.

The thing about the film industry is that work invariably invades one’s personal life. Film equipment is useful to have around the house, not just on set. I’m not the only one.

Instead of wasting more money and time, I took the $7 I would have spent on a(nother) replacement, and went to my favorite hardware store: McMaster-Carr. A $3 phenolic ball, $5 thread adapter, and a Wood’s Powr-Grip from a car mount, I had this:

A 4.5 inch diameter suction cup, thread adapter, threaded riser and phenolic ball.

The mount in a car. My neighbor has something odd on their car antenna.

I have to add some loctite to the threads to keep them in place, but the suction cup will stay on a window for…ever.

Overkill? Yes.

The joy of never having to buy another badly made piece of crap? Priceless.

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