Edmond, OK

I decided when I went down the rebuild path for this website that I would install Google Analytics. It’s kind of neat to see where I get visitors from.

The results have been fairly typical: Hits every day…Traffic from Facebook, Google searches, some people from JWSound checking me out, etc.

It seems my most read blog post this far has been about some work I did this past Spring, involving licensing for a museum exhibit. Apparently, there aren’t that many examples or descriptions of the innerworkings of most favored nation (MFN) licensing deals. I will have to write more about this.

Aside from the front page, people seem to look at what is under ‘For Sale/Rent’…Not so much ‘Services’, which is where I make the bulk of my living these days.

Then there is an anomaly: Edmond, OK.

Starting June 19, 2010, someone has been searching via Google for “MFN for master use and synch license.” They then click on the link to my website, but don’t look at any other page. This is repeated daily, sometimes multiple times. This person is on a Cox Cable connection, is in Edmond OK, runs Firefox on Windows, and is a puzzle.

Anyway, Google Analytics is a fun distraction, if a bit stalker-ish.

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