Not a bad wrench position.

On a more personal nature today:

For the past week, I’d been neglecting my car. The driver’s side lock cylinder was loose, and I wasn’t looking forward to disassembling all the interior body paneling and removing the window mechanism and glass to fix it. Unfortunately, it all came to a head last night, as the bolt holding the lock cylinder in place made a resonant clanging as it fell into the depths of the door.

Fortunately, I drive a moderately antediluvian Subaru Impreza. Upon removing three retaining screws, the interior paneling came off easily. Then, when I recovered the bolt and rolled down the window in anticipation of removing it, I realized something neat: The window comes down it’s tracks and moves slightly towards the front of the door, uncovering the interior side of the door handle/lock cylinder. 10 minutes later, I had the lock mechanism tight, the interior paneling back on, and an operating lock.

Some mechanics say that there isn’t a bad wrench position on a Subaru. I would tend to agree.

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