It is with much excitement and some (well, maybe a tiny bit) trepidation that I’m moving from freelancing to a full-time position. This is a completely self-indulgent couple paragraphs on the vagaries of the past couple years.

After freelancing in audio and video production (and tech support and web development, and etc.) for the past 7 years (amongst school), I’m looking forward to the break from the complexities of self-employment and the constant drive to expand one’s client list. The economy didn’t bode well for the latter, and the former became downright tiring. Between health insurance, equipment and other overhead, the numbers were looking OK, but not great.

A rough economy means taking clients one wouldn’t usually touch. That leads to fun (in a profoundly sarcastic way) situations like maintaining media production computers that doubled as the client’s surfing platform for his prurient interests, or trying to explain simple waveform edits to someone who is too insecure to accept help. My favorite though, was a client who told me he needed a wife, because his competitors all had wives who did the ‘other stuff’ (bookkeeping, shipping, etc.).

I also took on some wonderful jobs, including some work for large multi-continent traveling exhibits, and some touching documentary production work. As those projects see circulation and distribution, I will try and share.

Now, I’m at an engineering consulting firm with a world-class client list that yields a constant stream of fascinating work. What do I do? Well, I work in the company lab. I make stuff that makes stuff. I don’t know what the position will grow into, but I do know I will enjoy it.

So long, freelancing. I might be back someday far away, but thanks for all the stories.

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