The high cost of low value

It’s been a while since my last post. Life has been busy, but I can always find time to ramble about tools.

At work, I’m lucky enough to have access to high quality tools. Quality tools make me more efficient, and given the value of my time to my employer, paying for said tools is a no brainer.

As an example, the hex keys I use at work are Bondhus Goldguard ball-ends. They run double the cost of other, cheaper sets, but the rarely break, and I very rarely strip stainless screw heads. At $14 for a 9 piece metric set, they pay for themselves if I avoid stripping/breaking, then wasting time extracting a single screw. That’s a good deal. $14? That’s nothing for a tool I use every day. They would be a good deal at ten times that cost.

It’s all about value, cost is a secondary metric for tools.

Amusingly, Bondhus, the maker of the aforementioned hex set says this on their website:

Bondus doesn’t manufacture junk.

I guess that’s one short way of saying value is more important than cost. It’s an often-forgotten metric…a lens through which more purchase decisions should be made.

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