Immigraniada: An Odyssey Through Industrial sewing

Gogol Bordello has been a long-favorite music group of mine. The sound is raw, but clean enough to enjoy. They also don’t violate my personal rule about music with too many layers of electric guitar sucking. I’m looking at you, all you Phil-Spector wannabees.

Anyway, their music video Immigraniada is shot, in part, on a garment factory floor. I love stuff like this, because it reacquaints the US with what industry is. With where things come from. That’s the good. The bad is that parts of the set look dirty. Most facilities are clean, both to minimize production fall-out from contamination, and because cleanliness is a critical part of efficiency.

Anyway, from a song celebrating the immigrant story so common in the US, the equipment they show:

Fabric Spreader: Used to evenly spread many layers of fabric in preparation for cutting.

Tacker: Used to tack fabric, as seen on webbing tails or belt loops.

Last: The Lockstitch machine, originally invented by Elias Howe, operated by Eugene Hütz:

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