It started when I was 10: turning an aluminum pen-holder on a lathe under the close supervision of my grandfather. Then in high school I made a tailcoat for Prom (well, most of it. Sleeve caps and welted jacket pockets are tough on a first project). I briefly considered pursuing commercial work in custom sewing and light fabrication, but life took me on a different path. I do however maintain the ability to take on custom work, and am developing the equipment cover line into a full product line.

Equipment Covers:
Rain, snow, dust…Use Protection! It’s cheaper in the long-run. I use ripstop nylon for interior needs, and Cordura or Sunbrella  cloths for exterior durability. I work to source quality hardware. Much of it is domestically made. What is imported is ASTM/MIL-Spec. I’ve tended to stay away from bags, because Porta-Brace, Versa-Flex and others do a great job in that area.

Ripstop nylon cover with corner reinforcements for a 16U rack. It has snaps at the corners and sides.

These hardware components come from domestic suppliers  that also supply the US military.

Audio Softgoods: Sometimes special things are needed, like a chroma key sleeve for a boom pole, or a padded case for the cold and uncomfortable Lectro Tx. With the pervasive use of green screen, I’ve been itching to try some new stuff: If someone wanted to order a thousand windscreens, I can probably get Peltex or Tissavel to make a batch of chroma-key faux fur…Hint.

Many projects start as patterns. These are two pieces of a fairly simple one.

Gaiters: The best pair of gaiters I’ve seen are almost as old as I am. I’m in the process of drafting a pattern for a set. These aren’t day-at-the-snowpark velcro ones, but rather expedition-grade gaiters that should last 10 or more seasons of hard use.I’ve decided to sacrifice a bit of easy-on, easy-off functionality for true protection, putting the zipper in the back and eschewing Velcro™. I’m contemplating a Keprotec skirt (metal ski edge protection) with goretex or coated Cordura uppers, and stainless zippers. Pictures Coming Soon
Car Mount: The 1st iteration of this project is on my blog (Link). Now, it is a (much improved) standard speedrail/griphead/cup system, featuring 9″, 8″, 6″ and 4.5″ Woods Powr-Grip suction cups, depending on need and surfaces. Enough flexibility for anything from an Iconix ‘Egg’ to a RED. Available for rental…maybe, eventually, pending testing, insurance requirements, and my general motivation to pursue side-projects on top of busy work.

Iteration 1